VTP Duba

A Center focused on the research and development of products
and processes associated with PGV technology.

For the purpose of researching possible uses of synthesis gas, in 2011 PDI a.s. established a science and technology park in the town of Dubá u České Lípy. The aim of the facility is to research the possible uses of synthesis gas obtained from plasma gasification.

The primary goal of VTP Dubá is to provide small and medium enterprises an incubatory environment to efficiently support innovative processes, up to the point when they are commercial viable, and then to introduce these innovative products on the market.

At the same time, VTP Dubá will promote the transfer of advanced technologies which have a direct relationship to the basic area of research and development at VTP Dubá.

The mission of VTP Dubá is to put the results of university research into commercial practice and to foster cooperation between universities, scientific institutions, and businesses.