Plasma chemistry

  • Chemical process of obtaining acetylene and hydrogen from natural gas in hydrogen plasma
  • Obtaining nitrides, carbides, and oxides

Plasma metallurgy

  • Plasma method to directly produce molten steel from iron or pellets
  • Alloying
  • Production of metals from oxides, coating of metals
  • Obtaining ultra-disperse powders with high melting points
  • Smelting using plasma

Plasma processing of materials

  • Modification of surfaces, hardening of steel surfaces
  • Reactivation of active charcoal
  • Plasma spraying of materials
  • Plasma treatment of powdered materials (metals and non-metals)
  • Obtaining very fine mineral fibers
  • Plasma methods for the production of porous glass and ceramic microspheres

Power industry

  • Plasma stimulation of the combustion of low-energy fuels
  • Plasma gasification in low-energy fuel plasma reactors

Ecology, gasification

  • Plasma pyrolysis and processing of wastes
  • Gasification of household waste in plasma reactors
  • Disposal of toxic waste (e.g. agro-chemical products, military materials, industrial wastes) in plasma reactors
  • Disposal of hospital and biological waste
  • Vitrification of toxic ash produced by waste incinerators
  • Thermal processing of rubber products, including tires, to produce hydrocarbons
  • Vitrification of radioactive material

Production of nanomaterials

  • Production of 10 to 200 nm (0.01 – 0.2 µm) nanomaterials
  • Production of nanomaterials from solution
  • Production of hydrocarbon nanomaterials

Process modeling

  • Tests to determine the thermal erosion of materials in homogenous and non-homogenous high enthalpy flows